The Interlace

by Interlaceq on February 19, 2013 0 Comments

Having a fundamentally innovative way of the contemporary living, The Interlace is one of the most bustling and larger than life projects in Singapore. The creative and thoughtful design by Ole Schereen (partner of OMA), The Interlace sets a new benchmark by breaking away in the trend of vertical apartment towers in Singapore. This innovative design enables the huge complex to only integrate in to the surrounding luscious green area as well as provides units inside complex an interconnected approach throught its common areas.

Each apartment block is of six floors and thirty-one such identical blocks are piled in the hexagonal design forming eight huge penetrated courtyards. This hexagonal structure is made in a way that the entire complex gets proper ventilation and sun light complementing the landscape around it. The Interlace, put together by CapitalLand and Hotel Properties Limited, has 170,000 square meters accommodating 1040 apartments ...

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